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With over 100 cumulative years in the medical device, cardiology and clinical research industry, the PhysIO team has helped evolve the industry to where it is today.

Building upon those successes, and with an eye to the future, the PhysIO platform is a futurist’s look at what could be. From the PICSI device platform to the CeVa app to the cloud platform that provides industry- standard data reporting and clinical predictive analytics, the PhysIO platform represents the next generation of wearable devices, clinical research and clinical predictive analytics.

Experience a new age of intelligence

We are looking for a long-term partner to assist us in realizing the full potential of our vision. That includes programmers who specialize in MATLAB, Alfresco, and Mirth as well as hardware engineers to increment the design to reflect our ambitious roadmap.

Please reach out to us for more information on how we can work together to create the next generation of wearable devices and data cloud combinations.

Our Approach

based on over three decades of practical experience the healthcare IT realm as well as real-world clinical experience, we tend the eschew throwing technology at problems that do not exist. Rather, we focus where our customers lead us, augmented by thousands of solutions predicated on previous engagements.

Our Mission

Our mission is to utilize forward-leaning technology augmented by experience to product solutions that make a difference.

Our Vision

To create a next-generation physiological data collection ecosystem that includes devices, transmission protocols, stream ingestion, reporting, interfaces, and predictive analytics.

Our mission is to perfect the physiological acquisition device and ecosystem for next-generation clinical diagnostics, research, and predictive analytics.



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