The Future of Wearables

The future of human wearable measurement devices has evolved beyond dual-electrode bio-impedance devices that only provide a single lead of ECG or EMG. By building a complete addressable server for the body, unlimited measurement potential can be realized including clinical trials, diagnostics, and clinical predictive analytics.

What we Do

Evolving the Human Interface

Most wearable sensors are single-task devices. They often consist of a small microprocessor with a dedicated bipolar electrode for sensing bio-potentials from one to a few locations. They do not have the power to perform edge processing or to run custom executable programs. PICSI (Physiological Intuitive Computer System Interface) changes all of that with a dual ARM™ microprocessor, dedicated 12-lead ECG sub-system, eight ADC channels for EEG, ECG , accelerometer, nine-axis IMU and the ability to receive and stream parameters transmitted by other measurement devices via Bluetooth™. 


Streams to the cloud using LTE or WiFi for formatting, reporting, and analytics


Individually addressable allowing OTA software updates

obsolescense proof

The platform is completely programmable in micro-Linux using a custom, secure Real-time Operating System. Users can deploy their own executables utilizing the device resources.

clinical research

Regardless of the study type – TQT 12-lead, cardiac, neuro, EEG, or mobility, the PICSI device has the resources to provide an end-to-end monitoring  capability.

Clinical Predictive Analytics

Data is streamed to the cloud using a custom data protocol that concatenates all of the data into a Blockchain-secured low-bandwidth stream.

health record database

Data in the cloud can be accessed via the app, web interface, formatted reports, HL7, FHIR, or a custom API.


Research & Development

Phys*I/O has a unique experience set that includes clinical diagnostic devices, biomedical engineering, medical device development, and marketing, allowing for full customization of the PICSI device and cloud provisioning.


Custom Clinical Research Applications


Industry-standard protocols


Building the world’s most advanced wearable/cloud data combination.

After a decade of simple bipolar data collection devices, The Phys/IO cloud data-device ecosystem represents the first departure towards a malleable solution for clinical predictive analytics, clinical research, and consumer clinical safety and piece of mind.


The most comprehensive communications suite of any device including LTE, WiFi, BT, BTLE and mesh.


Diagnostic quality 500 sample-per-second ECG data.

Have a custom project?

The PICSI (Physiological Intuitive Computer System Interface) platform has been designed to provide comprehensive data collection and communications capabilities. These abilities transcend many industries and thus can be used for many different applications. OEM units are available for custom applications.

Browse existing case studies and products

We have a number of use cases ranging from telehealth to clinical research to cardiac diagnostic and safety devices. We can custom design a device and system to accommodate almost any requirement from payor to research to diagnostic to consumer applications.

A company founded on clinical engineering and technology. Fueled by personal experience and patient care, the emphasis is on providing the highest technology platform that allows the most good.


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